Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Ideas

I've got some new ideas in the works for weekly features. I think y'all will really like it. So keep an eye out for the first edition later this evening or tomorrow.


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Domino magazine says Farewell

Domino is the latest of the half a dozen or so home decor magazines to cease publication. I love this mag. and hate to see this day come. I have my final issue and I have to say this is one of the most beautiful (and without them even knowing this would be the last).
Below is the "letter from the editor" from the Domino website. You can also click on the magazine cover to visit the site.

"It is with very heavy hearts that we say farewell. Over the last 4 years, in 28 issues, we have done our best to create a great magazine. We started with a real idea—that style is for everyone—and tried to carry it out with stories that provide inspiration and empower you to act on it. From your tremendous response, we know that we were onto something. In this tough economy, however, we simply weren't able to get the advertising support we needed.

As domino evolved, we never lost sight of our original democratic premise. Looking back at the manifesto we published in the premiere issue, the first tenet of domino is still the truest: Home should make you happy. We hope we have played a part in making this come true for you.
All the editors of domino"



Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Here's a FREEbie for my Girlies

Want to get Martha Stewart's Body + Soul magazine completely free for 1 year?

FREE Subscription to Body + Soul magazine


Just click on the magazine cover above.. You will just need to fill out a very short survey about exercise and that's it.. I have gotten several free subscriptions (t.v. guide, woman's day, metropolitan home, etc) thru them and can honestly say this is for real; you never even see a bill... And in these uncertain economic times, isn't it nice to get freebies. :)

Be Back later on.



Tuesday, February 17, 2009


That is what is going on over here.. I have about half way cleared out the storage room.. After putting the Christmas decorations in the attic, I was able to start going through boxes.. 15 down and about 20-25 more to go.. Of the 15 that I've finished, I have 1 box of kept items and the rest has gone 1/2 in the trash and the other 1/2 to the donate pile.. A lot of the stuff I have been holding onto "for when I have a garage sale".. I have now come to the realization that is not going to happen any time soon; so I would rather someone be able to get some use out of it.


I still have a long way to go but this weekend I couldn't even walk in this room. :( Now I can at least get in there and move around.
The poor rocking chair has seen better days.. But hey, it is almost 40 years old.. My dad bought that for my mom when we were babies.. So it's a keeper; dear hubby will be restoring it for me. :)

This entire process has made me start thinking about sentimentality and why we hang on to the things we do.. A lot of the stuff that I have been hanging on to belonged to my mother... Most of these are things that will stay packed away like her clothes and every little piece of paper that she scratched on.. Going thru this stuff, I have come to realize that I do NOT want Hubby and the girls and my sis to have to deal with this stuff later on just because I couldn't let go... So, that is my focus this go around with the "storage".. to "Let Go" of the majority of it all.. I have to admit; I do feel better. I didn't realize how stressful and physically draining it is to have so much clutter around. Even though it was hidden away, it was definitely not a case of "Out of sight, Out of mind".

Anywho... I have a little less than 3 weeks to get the room cleared out, painted, and all set up.. Hubby still has no idea about his surprise. :)

I have some swap pics and new creations to share with you all.. I'll try to get them uploaded tomorrow..

Big Huggies,

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Big Project in the Works!

Hey all!
Hope you're having a great week.
Busy as usual here... I've got about 12 more aprons that I need to finish up, then its on to the BIG project. (which is a surprise for hubby)
For our anniversary next month, I am setting up his own art studio in one of the spare rooms. The room is being used for storage right now (and when I say storage I mean STORAGE.. LOL) so first thing I need to do is go through everything and figure out what goes and what gets put in the attic. (Hopefully more goes than stays!)
Either way, I will make this happen. He has always been so supportive of me and made sure my studio was just the way I want it and has everything that I need. Now its his turn. He is such a wonderful artist and hasn't had anywhere to work for 2 years. And never once complained about it.
Anyways.. I am going on and on about it.. But that is what I am working on for the next few weeks.

Any suggestions on wall color? He draws and paints so I don't want it to be overwhelming and actually hinder his creativity. What do y'all think?

More later. Huggs.