Thursday, November 7, 2013

Polymer Clay Collective ~ Conversations

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My interview for Polymer Clay Collective
A wonderful group of polymer clay artists that share, encourage and inspire.

• Tell us a bit about where you live...

 photo c7194f45-369a-4d6d-b2c3-751503aa8708_zps9a193d57.jpg

I live on the family ranch in Bandera, The Cowboy Capital of the World,
located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

 photo 30689567-9ee1-47a7-b5b6-1317820ad615_zpsdbbb303a.jpg

Life runs at a slower pace out here, it actually kinda strolls.
Surrounded by acres of Cedar, hills and native Persimmon trees, Peaceful is the word that comes to mind.

 photo 20c83881-b8d5-48a7-811d-567d0e07752e_zpscb848de0.jpg

We even have our own herd of about 18-20 Deer that hangout with us..
Although I am sure it's not necessarily our company they like but they are quite fond of the corn.

 photo 638f20e4-1270-4194-8b2a-4a2b89ed9e40_zps08374434.jpg

This pic was taken about 3 months ago, so these babies have already lost their spots now.

• What do you do when you're not polymer claying?

When I am not claying I enjoy sewing, baking, gardening, reading, general crafting and DIY.

• What did you want to be when you were little and do you think you ever will be?

When I was little I wanted to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.
Growing up in Texas, that was the dream of many little girls. I was a cheerleader throughout school but as I got older my interests changed. So, my answer would be no.. I never will be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. =)

• Tell us something about yourself that we don't know...

Something that very few people know about me is that I am a cancer survivor.
This month is actually 15 yrs cancer free for me.
We are, however, fighting this battle again with my dad. He has finished radiation and we've got 3 more months of chemo. He is the strongest person I know so if anyone can do it, he can.

• Tell us your polymer clay story: What made you first try polymer clay and how long has PC been part of your life?

Up until 2003 I had my own floral design business. I did special events and individual arrangements but the bulk of my business was weddings. I enjoyed it but started to get burnt out.
One day, at a garage sale, I picked up a box of mixed craft and art supplies. In the box were a couple blocks of polymer clay. I had never heard of it before so I started to research online what it was used for. From that moment, I laid down the flowers and picked up the clay and was hooked for life.
I started out making floral and lampwork style beads and then before long moved into, what I feel is my niche or calling, "Miniatures".
Now, I can't imagine "not" claying. It relaxes me and challenges me at the same time.
Claying is my passion!

• What's your favorite PC technique?

I guess you would call what I do sculpting, but on a really small scale.
Most of my designs are 10-15mm in size. I just call it freestyle. =)
I also really enjoy clay embroidery. My signature cross pendants are done in this style.

• What are your art/design inspirations?

I am inspired by nature.. everything in nature.
The trees, the bugs, all the domestic animals and wildlife that I see and interact with on a daily basis.
The colors and sounds and actions and reactions.. I am in awe of it every day.

• Show us something you’ve made with polymer clay...

 photo isa_760xN6426351914_pd8m_zpsf8e099ec.jpg

Custom Guinea Pigs in likeness to pets

 photo 3c0f3094-7d22-4a22-9f9d-596bd527995c_zpsac9548c2.jpg  photo 6cc3a931-8941-4e52-81e7-0943e1f8e54e_zps07b48ab9.jpg

LaLaLoopsy Mint E Stripes Pendants & Retro Wooden Toy Beads

 photo dfccca3c-c1ff-4e0c-a65f-19b5c0cf8cb1_zpsd0b2a521.jpg

Lazy Llama Beads

 photo minionearrings-2_zpsd199877b.jpg

Despicable Me Minion Earrings

 photo 707d4f61-8439-4192-a8b9-719dcc1b7b75_zpse2e641b7.jpg

Signature Clay Embroidery Cross Pendants

My bonus question from D Michelle..

• What are your rituals or routines when getting ready to create? Do you sketch or draw/pre-plan or just wing it?

I can't draw to save my life.. and I don't really even have a set routine that I go thru when creating..
When I have an idea I usually just pull out the colors I want to use and as I am conditioning them I am planning it out in my head.. Sometimes it just doesn't come together the way I would like so I set it aside and go on to something else.. then I'm usually able to go back to the original project and work thru whatever issue I was having.

Now my question for Andrea Glick..

• Do you buy or make your own polymer tools?

Thank you so much for the opportunity to share a bit of me with you.

Have a fabulous day!


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Peek At My Christmas Project

One of them anyways.. hehehe

Hey guys.. Thank you all for the emails and comment welcoming me back. I have missed y'all so much. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful friends.

Can you believe it is December already?
I have been so busy this year it has just zoomed by.
So are ya ready for Christmas?
Y'all know me... I'll still be getting ready up until the day. LOL
Speaking of Christmas...

Know what this is gonna be?

I love this argyle fabric.

Stockings! Yay!
I've got one done and eleven more to go. =)
Are you doing any crafting for the holiday?
Share your links in the comments.. I would love to see all of your crafty goodness.

Well, for now it's time for me to get back to work.
I have an order for 2 custom business card holders.. and 2 bead orders that total over 520 beads.. Can you say BUSY!?! =)

Have a great night y'all!
smoochies... xoxo

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Country Life

Hey y'all.. It's been awhile..
I've been here in the Texas Hill Country since June..
Bandera to be exact.. Population 957..

I have made lots of new friends though..
These are some of my faves..

I've watched these pretty lil' babies grow up and lose their spots.. Every evening like clockwork there are at least a dozen white tails waiting for me to bring their dinner.. They are comfortable enough now that they come within about 6 ft. of me. =)

Ahhh but not this beauty here..

The bucks are quite a bit more skittish.. Especially the Axis..
Dad snapped this one in the front yard.

I have always loved "flower gardening" but now I know how & when to grow and harvest my own food! yay!
I need to get some more pics of the garden but here is our Cabbage..

It's HUGE! To give you an idea of how big.. That grey bucket beside it is 5 gallon. =)

And here are just a few more veggies from the garden..

Bell Peppers, Banana Peppers, Radishes & Lettuce.
We also have Butternut Squash, Jalapenos, Beans, Carrots, Potatoes and several varieties of Tomatoes.

And this is what we made with some of them...

Chow Chow
OMGosh this stuff is soooo good..
Each time we make it we get about 22-24 pints per batch...
Yep, I've learned how to can now too.. hehe

I have got soooo much to share with y'all.. sooo, I'll be back tomorrow with more. =)
Hope y'all are having a great weekend!
Smoochies.. xoxo

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fun New Kitchen Helper

Last week I introduced you to the girls at Out A Thyme , a fun new foodie blog that I recently found. Hope you were able to check out some of their yummy recipes.
I also mentioned that I won their giveaway for the OXO Salad Spinner..
Well guess what I got Friday?


I’m really quite impressed by how well made this spinner is.

( ~not at all like the flimsy, useless spinner my mother had (by a different brand) that sat unused in the cabinet~ )

I can foresee this lil helper getting lots of use from me.


Thanks so much to Out A Thyme and OXO for the fun new kitchen tool.

BTW... What'cha think of the fresh new look the blog has?
Is it easier on your peepers?
Leave me a comment and let me know.. =)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

Hope you're all having a great holiday and extended weekend.


Love Bug spent the weekend swimming and having fun.
This was her first time in a "big people" pool. =)
Enjoy the rest of your day!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kitchenaid Giveaway Info & Link

Hey guys.. Sooo sorry I am just now getting this posted for you.. I have been having serious connection issues the past few day. So this is going to be to the point.
There is still time to sign up for the Kitchenaid Stand mixer giveaway.
Head on over to and sign up this evening.
The link is:
Hope you're able to get in on it.

xoxo, Tonya

Monday, May 21, 2012

Exciting News & Foodie Fun

Hey Guys.. Happy Monday!
Y'all ready for the new week ahead?
How was your weekend? Do anything fun/exciting?
I got all my orders finished and shipped out early in the week, so the weekend was all about my lil' "Love Bug". Had 3 whole days of much needed grandma time.. swinging, swimming, dancing & just having fun.
In a few months it will be double the fun..
Yep, exciting news to share with y'all.
"Wild Woman" is going to be a mommie!
It's A Girl!
I don't think we can have boys in our family. LOL
Well, I've been planning the shower menu for the past few weeks... Since it will be full-on South Texas Summer, I am definitely going with light dishes; lots of fresh fruits & veggies and cold appetizers. I made these


Pink Champagne Cupcakes for "Baby Girl's" shower so I think for "Wild Woman's" shower I'll make Margarita Cuppies. =)

Now I want to introduce you to a fun new blog that I just recently found.
is now one of my favorite foodie blogs. They feature lots of "different" and "do-able" recipes.

Bunuelo Dessert Nachos with Nutella
(photo via of Out A Thyme)
The first one that jumped out at me was the Bunuelos. Maybe that's because "Wild Woman" loves them so much; or maybe was the Nutella syrup. Mmmm.. Either way I am hooked!
and Bonus...
Last week they were hosting a giveaway for a OXO Salad Spinner. Guess what? I won! WooHoo.. My first ever giveaway win and my first ever salad spinner.. lol.. Thanks Girlies!
Stop by and say Hi to Melba & Kim!
In case you need a little nudge their way;
Check out these little treasures..

Creme De Menthe & Pretzel Nutella Cookies
(photo via Out A Thyme)
Talk about yummy!

Okay now.. Be sure to watch for my next post telling you how you can win a new Kitchenaid stand mixer. =)