Saturday, December 1, 2012

Country Life

Hey y'all.. It's been awhile..
I've been here in the Texas Hill Country since June..
Bandera to be exact.. Population 957..

I have made lots of new friends though..
These are some of my faves..

I've watched these pretty lil' babies grow up and lose their spots.. Every evening like clockwork there are at least a dozen white tails waiting for me to bring their dinner.. They are comfortable enough now that they come within about 6 ft. of me. =)

Ahhh but not this beauty here..

The bucks are quite a bit more skittish.. Especially the Axis..
Dad snapped this one in the front yard.

I have always loved "flower gardening" but now I know how & when to grow and harvest my own food! yay!
I need to get some more pics of the garden but here is our Cabbage..

It's HUGE! To give you an idea of how big.. That grey bucket beside it is 5 gallon. =)

And here are just a few more veggies from the garden..

Bell Peppers, Banana Peppers, Radishes & Lettuce.
We also have Butternut Squash, Jalapenos, Beans, Carrots, Potatoes and several varieties of Tomatoes.

And this is what we made with some of them...

Chow Chow
OMGosh this stuff is soooo good..
Each time we make it we get about 22-24 pints per batch...
Yep, I've learned how to can now too.. hehe

I have got soooo much to share with y'all.. sooo, I'll be back tomorrow with more. =)
Hope y'all are having a great weekend!
Smoochies.. xoxo