Thursday, April 30, 2009

Having Fun...

Here are some pics of my new baby hard at work...



I am sooo glad that I finally decided to make the purchase. I am having a blast.

This weekend I will be:
~ designing new hang tags for my aprons;
~ working on a birthday surprise for my BBF April
~ Finishing up a "just because" surprise for my BFF Kim
~ shopping & thrifting with Cec
~ taking a trip to Lowes for the kitchen paint

Have a great evening all!


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Swap Goodness

I participated in the Sarah‘s super fun Pink & Green swap this month.
Yesterday I received the most adorable package from my partner Pam.
I have to share with you all yummy goodies that she sent.



Is this just the cutest box you have ever seen? and look at the yummyness that she stuffed in the side pockets.. Soooo caaaa-ute!


And look at all the goodies that were inside!



And even more goodies in the precious little box too.


And look at this precious little birdie! Loooove it!

Thank you soooo much to my wonderful partner Pam!
You are the bestest!

Big Huggs,


Saturday, April 25, 2009


I have got to tell you about my new favorite website!
Get paid to shop for what you want, where you want.
I must admit, I was a little skeptical at first and thought "ok what's the catch?"
Really, there is no catch..
You actually get rebates every time you shop at your favorite online stores.
It is really simple too.. All you do is go to your ebates account and then select the store you wish to visit (even ebay)! You are then transferred to the shop and your purchase will earn the rebate! YAY!
In about a month's time, I have earned a little over $30 already.. and that is on purchases that I was going to make anyways.. So really it is like free money!

Follow the link below to sign up at


and we will both earn $5 buckaroos..
Then after you sign up, you can earn $5 for referring your friends! YAY!!
And... the cash you earn can be mailed directly to you via check or you can have it sent straight to your paypal account.. How Great is that!

We can ALL use a little extra cash now can't we?

Thank y'all for letting me share this sweet little morsel with you!
Happy Shopping (& Saving) All! :)



Friday, April 24, 2009

Hey Y'all...

Been a busy lil' bee over here...
Painting the living room

This is the test area that I painted to make sure that I could "live with" the red before painting the entire wall. :)

Once I decided I liked it and hubby gave thumbs up, I went for it.

This is the after shot.. I took these pics with my blackberry so they are not the best, but you get the idea.. :)

and I added moulding to the archway around the dining room..

Yes, that is all my painting, nailing, etc... supplies cluttering the dining room.
(Still not finished with that humungo ladder.. LOL)
And you can still see the white walls to the left at the stairs... They are all going to be the same color as the archway..

I actually bought the red and wheat paint colors for Ronnie's art room but I liked them so much that I had to use them in the common area too.. :)

The gray carpet will soon be replaced by natural bamboo floors.. Yay!

I got some fun new fabrics in and I have been making aprons like crazy.. Now I just need to get the pics taken so that I can get them listed in my shop.

Annnnd... I finally made the leap and bought myself one of these babies..

I have been wanting a Cricut Expression for sooo long and decided that it was time to just go for it. :)
On top of all the paper crafting I will be able to do, now I can create my own vinyl wall art and words. woohoo!

Well, that's a little of what I have been up to..

Have a great weekend all!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Announcement time...

My interview this week isn’t an interview but rather an introduction and announcement.

I would like you to meet our girls.


Cec “Baby Girl” & Liz “Wild Woman”

They've had those nicknames almost as long as they have had their real names; and yes they fit them both perfectly. (How insightful grandparents are.) LOL

They have grown to become the most amazing young ladies and we are so proud of them.

Now, our “Baby Girl” is getting married.


There has been quite a bit of reminiscing going on around here and wondering where the time has gone.

I remember her Kindergarten Graduation as if it were yesterday.


And then it seemed like no time at all when her high school graduation rolled around.


Then, in the blink of an eye, our little baby bird left the nest with her handsome Beau.


Of course daddy bird (“Eagle Eye”) had the ceremonial “chat” (no shotgun involved); which was a mere formality because we both really like him and know that he will take good care of our Baby Girl.
They started their careers, bought their first home, and began their life together.
Now momma bird gets to help her little chickadee plan her dream day!


We love you both and want for nothing more than your happiness!

Mom & Dad