Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spotlight and Giveaway

Hey chickadees.. Happy Saturday!

Well, as hard as we have been working over here we're still not quite ready. Gonna be a few more days.. :(

In the meantime however, I've got the most adorable giveaway to share with you being featured on Where Women Create.
Head on over and comment on Jo's Fabulous Friday feature with Anj Snow of Snowy Bliss for a chance to win


Anj's precious owl party decor and gorgeous fabric roses.

Good luck & Have a fabulous weekend!


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Is In The Air

The weather has been gorgeous here in H-Town the past several days.


Pear Blossoms have filled the trees and the sounds of singing birds have filled the air.
Although... I did have a run-in with the first blood sucker of the season.
Unfortunately, it was the


"state bird of Texas" variety
and NOT the


"hot Hollywood heartthrob".
Awe well.. just my luck.. lol

Baby Girl and I are still hard at work getting ready for the
big reveal next weekend.
As my girl Paula would say, "I can't hardly wait y'all". =)
Even Wild Woman is coming to help out this week. Yay!

We've had one itty bitty set back.. well actually its just a little stall.. I've lost the pattern for one of my previous best sellers.. sooooo today I am working on making up a new one.
I think that deserves one more bit of eye candy.


Hope you are enjoying whats left of your weekend.
Smoochies all!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

HootSuite Rocks My Socks

This app is awesome!


What is so cool about it is you link all of your social media apps in and voila! You've got all your accounts in one place, on one dashboard..
You even send and receive updates right there on HootSuite. =) I just signed up last night, so I'm not sure what all you can do with it..
But I am loving what I have seen so far!

Gotta give my girl Cindi a shout out for recommending it.
She is a wealth of knowledge on all things Social Media and Blogging.
If you have never visited her site before, I encourage you to head on over to and soak up some of the knowledge she is sharing.
And don't forget to show her some comment luv while you are there. =)

Have a fabulous day loves!

Monday, March 7, 2011

What's Kept Me Away

Hey y'all! Happy Monday.. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
For the past week Baby Girl and I have been working on something
super-deee-duper top secret.
Since it's just between me and you, I'll give ya a little sneaky peek. :)


I am so excited to have Baby partner with me on this.


She is so amazingly talented that simply watching her work inspires me.
Also in the works is a giveaway to help celebrate the big reveal and my


that slipped by me last week.
Stay tuned... It's gonna be a good one. =)
In the midst of all this creativity & planning, Love Bug has started teething. Poor baby has got 3 coming in at one time. =( Thank goodness for baby orajel.
Have a great Monday everyone.