Tuesday, March 8, 2011

HootSuite Rocks My Socks

This app is awesome!


What is so cool about it is you link all of your social media apps in and voila! You've got all your accounts in one place, on one dashboard..
You even send and receive updates right there on HootSuite. =) I just signed up last night, so I'm not sure what all you can do with it..
But I am loving what I have seen so far!

Gotta give my girl Cindi a shout out for recommending it.
She is a wealth of knowledge on all things Social Media and Blogging.
If you have never visited her site before, I encourage you to head on over to http://moomettesmagnificents.com and soak up some of the knowledge she is sharing.
And don't forget to show her some comment luv while you are there. =)

Have a fabulous day loves!