Saturday, April 25, 2009


I have got to tell you about my new favorite website!
Get paid to shop for what you want, where you want.
I must admit, I was a little skeptical at first and thought "ok what's the catch?"
Really, there is no catch..
You actually get rebates every time you shop at your favorite online stores.
It is really simple too.. All you do is go to your ebates account and then select the store you wish to visit (even ebay)! You are then transferred to the shop and your purchase will earn the rebate! YAY!
In about a month's time, I have earned a little over $30 already.. and that is on purchases that I was going to make anyways.. So really it is like free money!

Follow the link below to sign up at


and we will both earn $5 buckaroos..
Then after you sign up, you can earn $5 for referring your friends! YAY!!
And... the cash you earn can be mailed directly to you via check or you can have it sent straight to your paypal account.. How Great is that!

We can ALL use a little extra cash now can't we?

Thank y'all for letting me share this sweet little morsel with you!
Happy Shopping (& Saving) All! :)




  1. Sweet! I signed up through the link in the email you sent me! Will have to see if this works well with my bead habit LOL!


  2. I will definitely check this out. I love the red. My kitchen and entry were both red until I decided to go neutral for a change last year. Sometimes I kinda miss that red.

  3. I totally use all the time! I just got my rebate check and am loving it!


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