Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm Back Y'all...

I know, I know.. It's been nearly 2 months since my last post. :(
Would you believe that we have had house guests this entire time? As soon as one leaves another arrives.. At some points there were overlapping guests.. LOL
Well for about 4 days now it has just been me and my sweetie pie! We have been spending lots of wonderfully good quality time together. YAY! I love spending time with my hubby!

I have been doing lots of decorating, painting, installing moulding & cabinet hardware. I kinda got on a roll and couldn't stop. LOL
I haven't taken pics of anything lately so I will have to post them in the next few days.. (hopefully.. if I dont forget) hehehe

Oh, and I got some wonderful vintage glassware pieces from a longtime family friend.. I am sooo excited! I will have to take pics of those too.

We have a new neighbor across the street from us and she and I have been walking the neighborhood in the evenings. The neighborhood is 1/2 mile around, so we make 4 laps to give us 2 miles. This week we are going to add another 2 laps. And 2 other ladies in the neighborhood have asked if they could start walking with us so they are supposed to start tomorrow. :)

Well its time to do some shop updating.

Now y'all don't forget to remind me about the pics. ;)

Have a great Monday all!

Big Huggs..


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  1. Pictures please! Glad you are back, I missed you.


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